Why av-Faroeyar?


Since I was born or since I could verbally express myself,

thanks to my parents´ far-seeing choice of my name,

I had to keep on explaining it. That means, that each time I had been

introduced to somebody, I had to explain how I got such an unusual name.


Mostly, the procedure was the same: First I was asked about twice

what my name is exactly and what it is being pronounced accurately,

finally, where my name comes from. Subsequently, where

Faroeyar is situated exactly and why I have been given this name ;-).

It was and it still is always the same procedure ;-).


So, it is self-evident to name my cattery after this archipelago.

Once again, an explanation for those visitors of my

website who are interested in it:


My mother is from Faroeyar (Faroe islands). Those islands are

situated between Iceland and Scotland and are part of the

Kingdom of Denmark. The gulf stream passes Faroeyar and therefore,

despite of the northerly location, they have a moderate and mild climate. Average temperatures in winter are around 3°C, in summer around 11°C.

Literally translated, “Faroeyar” means “sheep islands” which have

first been settled by Irish monks and later on by the Vikings.


Since the year 800, Faroeyar has its own democratically and freely

elected parliament and is represented in the Danish parliament

by two deputies. It has its own language, flag, currency and its

entire domestic administration is independent.

Externally, it is being represented by Denmark.


The capital is called Thorshavn and is the world´s smallest capital,

having 18.000 inhabitants. There are a total of about 47.120 inhabitants,

spread over 18 islands.


Finally, some impressions of these magnificent and unique islands!!!




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