born at the 15´th of april 2009

name Sex Colour Status
Janosch av Faröyar black-silver-mackerel-tabby booked
Jim Knopf av Faröyar black-silver-mackerel-tabby free
Juwel av Faröyar black-silver-mackerel-torbie-white free
Jade av Faröyar black-silver-mackerel-torbie white free
  The proud parents  
GIC.Grace Kelly vom Ristedter Moor   Ch. Gismo av Faröyar
black-silver-mackerel-tabby-white   creme-silver-mackerel-tabby-white

What is the meaning of:

"free": the baby is looking for a new truely and lovely friend!!

"on hold": somebody is interested in the baby, but nothing is fixed yet!! Please contact us!

"booked": somebody have paid a part of the money and the contract is safe!


Our kitten grow up integrated into our household, together
with our adult cats. They don´t know any closed doors or fences.
By the time we give them away, they are used to things of every day life and
also used to children, dogs, vacuum cleaners, etc. Of course, we take care
of cuddling them well enough to place the perfect foundation stone for a
well tempered und socialised kitten.
By the time we give them away, our kitten have been dewormed
several times and are vaccinated against feline panleukopenia,
cat flu and leucosis between the 10th and 14th week of their life.
On request, they will also be vaccinated agains rabies
.  as well as fitted with a microchip.
Of course, all of our kitten leave home with a starter kit, including a
veterinary health certificate, the pedigree (for a pet with a copy, until they will be neutered), a CD-Rom with baby photos,
vaccination book (a EU pet passport on request),
a choice of their favourite food and toys.

Since we put a lot of effort and affection into breeding our cats, we don´t want
them to be exposed to high risks, such as traffic, later on. Please appreciate
that we do not hand them over to become "Out-Runners"!




If you are interested, please send me an email including your phone no.

and I will be glad to give you a call!


Friends of mine are currently having magnificent kitten. Please visit:

Vom Traumzauberbaum


My cat´s wonderful childbed

If interested in the artist, please click here;-)


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