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Murphy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback with  Patrick, the son of Alex, he lives with us!

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My name is Tórun Rúna Mueller and I was born on May 20th,

1976 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. I live in the beautiful state

capital of Wiesbaden and work with a large insurance company.


My first contact with NFO´s happened approx. 13 years ago by an

acquaintance who had a Norwegian forest cat named Jacomo, and

I was fascinated by this magnificent wildlook and the

large and terrific figure!


Approx. one year later, I became acquainted with a lady who had

Maine Coon cats and again, I was totally done from these large cats

and its wildlook and at that time the dream of a NFO or

Maine Coon embodied in the back of my head

and should never disappear again completely ;-).

However, years should pass up to the fulfilment of my dream.


At this time, I already had a domestic cat named Flipsi,

which I had housed from the necessity to free her

from her previous surrounding and I already

highly estimated the independent characters of cats. 


In the year 2000, my European cat named Bidjo got in the

way of my dream. I took him from Georgia as a really small

and underfed male full of flees and so I saved his young life.

Due to the size of my appartment at that time, I could not even

think of an additional pedigree cat as the fulfilment of my long

had dream.


At the beginning of 2004, again, I picked up my dream of a

cat with this beautiful wildlook and, after long enquiry,

I decided against Main Coon and in favour of the race

"Norwegian Forest Cat", because of its, among other things,

very open-minded, intelligent, curious and nevertheless

very affectionate nature and started looking for my first small goblin ;-).

I found it at Birgit Roemer´s cattery tegai no tora's.

I was totally fascinated by the norwegian forest cats

and taken under their spell.

I chose tegai no tora´s Faramir and two or three months later,

my first small Norwegian moved in with us and

I was very happy with him!!!

By watching him grow and observing his amazing development,

the desire for some more Norwegians emerged and after about half

a year, within a few more months, Mimi has been succeeded by Nemo,

Nucha and Jeannie who growed up together and enjoyed themselves,

having playmates of almost the same age.

Slowly but surely, a desire emerged in me to start my own cattery

and to experience the first 14 weeks myself, as well as the surely

fantastic experience of cat babies to be born. This thought did not

release me anymore, and, after an additional half a year,

the cattery av-Faroeyar came to life ;-)! 


It is my ambition to breed strong, typical, healthy

and of course very cuddly Norwegians with my amazing and beautiful cats

from three different countries and I think to have put the perfect

foundation stone with the choice of my cats!


Tórun Rúna Mueller 






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