How long I had to wait for my vision in white, but it was worth it!
Nucha is a real buzzer and it is already obvious that she will become really large.
She is really spirited and either likes to frolic or to eat.
She is really wild,just as her mother is ;-). To the other cats´ regret,
you will rarely see her asleep, since she keeps on encouraging them to play.
In case that they still want to sleep, why not simply jumping onto their neck
and pinching them – this will certainly wake them up ;-). However, you can
never be angry with her and everybody loves her due to her charming temper.
She often is a littly clumsy, resembling a bull in a china shop ;-).
She is totally cuddly and, just like Nemo does, she also claims her clearly
defined space in bed, as close to me as possible. She already has a magnificent
and handy fur with a long and really bushy tail.
Her profile is excellently even and she has big ears with little brushes.
Her body is perfect and I am eagerly looking forward to her future development.

Thank you so much, dear Monika, for this vision in white!!!!


Of course, Nucha has been tested audiometrically and is fully capable of hearing
on both of her ears, just as her brothers and her father are.

Unfortunately, I had to have neutered my vision in white as soon as possible,
since unfortunately she has been tested HCM-positive and virility would
have unneccessarily burdened her small heart. There had been no signs for
a heart problem and I just had her tested as a precaution because
her brother had been diagnosed with an inborn cardiac defect.

Now I hope, she will still be with me on my couch and bed for many years :-)!

Nucha lives in a new home now as a hostcat. She was always hunting the other
cats and Esmeralda was really afraid of her. So it was the best
for everybody and she got a new lovely home with
a persian friend for her. Thanks a lot to Mr. Henn for taking Nucha!

Details about HCM:

You will find additional test results concerning HCM and other diseases here.

Swedish database PawPeds has brought a health program for NFO´s into being
and should be fully supported in doing so by all breeders.

Please have your cats tested so that we can hopefully wipe out this terrible disease one day.



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