My favourite colour is simply red, no matter if it is diluted or not;-).

I had already visited the website of Pongo´s breeder, Andrea Richter,

quite often and have admired her beautiful cats,

however I already owned two sweet males.

Unfortunately, as destiny - or whatever - would have it,

I lost both of my foxes.


By chance, I returned to Andrea´s website and spotted Pongo

who thrilled me at first go

with his expression and his beautiful classic-tabby,

especially concerning my females without white.

I did not dare to hope that he is still available and so much happier I was,

realizing that he still was and immediately made an appointment to see him.


Now, my little red fox is with me and has exceeded all of my

expectations. He is totally cuddly and talks a lot. Within the first four

days within the cattery, he cuddled himself into my ladies´ heart and has winded

everyone around his paws;-). He simply has a stunning

charme. Pongo has a magnificent classic-tabby, a long body,

an amazingly long tail and is standing on nice round paws.

His profile is even and his ears beautifully big and set high.

I am very curious about his future development.


Thank you very much, dear Andrea, for having entrusted this treasure of gold to my

safekeeping. We are cuddling as much as we can and me too, my Sweetie has already

winded around his paw;-).


Pongo was living with my friends now. He wass very shy and that´s why Kelly and Ody had mopped him really soon and so it was the best for everybody and my friends loves him;-).


Until the day a couple of months ago he switched out of the maindoor and run away;-(.

We have searched for him but we have never find him again;-(.



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