Beverly with 8.5 months




Finally also Bev sents her first photos from her new home;-).

She is 4.5 months old now and soon she will also get a new

friend to play;-).




Beverly is 12 weeks old and so beautyful. We were in the park and had made wonderful photos from her. The good-bye is coming and we are really sad;-(.



Beverly my photomodel with 11 weeks. I love it to make photos from her.

She is just beautyful;-).





Beverly is really made for photos;-). She is a dream and I am really sad that the way to her new home is comming so soon now.

She is ten weeks old now.




Beverly is nine weeks old now and loves it to make fights with us. Also the

bigger cats are not save of her;-)!




Beverly is eight weeks old now and a little tornado. She is alwasy jumping out of the photos;-). She has a weight of 1040 gr. now!



Beverly is 7.5 weeks old today and she is my big darling. Nothing is save for her;-). She is my little princess.

She has a weight of 950 gr. today;-)!!



Beverly is six weeks old today and our little discoverer.

Nothing is save of her. She has a weight of 749 gr. today.




Beverly is five weeks old now and has really temperament;-)!!




Beverly is four weeks old and my lovely sweetheart.

She is just a lady;-). She has 524 gr. now!




Beverly is three weeks old now and has 448 gr!!




Beverly with two weeks and 320 gr.



Beverly at eight days and a weight of 240 gr.


Beverly av Faröyar

118 gr

Beverly is my Sweetie and I am really looking forward to see if she also got
the same wonderful silver which her mother has;-)

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